How do I become a member? You need to apply to become a member of the Maine Association of USATF. To do that, click here.
What benefits are there to becoming a member? For starters, you become eligible to participate in USATF Association, Regional, and National Cross Country and Track and Field Championships.  Beyond that, as a member you receive the USATF's quarterly newsletter, The USA Track & Field Record, and $5,000.00 insurance coverage under USATF's Group Accident Insurance Program.
How long is my membership good for? Memberships are on a calendar year basis, and expire on December 31.
How much does it cost? The MEUSATF annual membership fee for youth (age 18 and younger) is $15.00, for adults it is $30.00. Direct on-line with USATF Youth is $20.00 Adults is $30.00.
What if I just want to support amateur athletics, and not compete? You would want to become a Sustaining Member.  Sustaining Membership does not give the eligibility to compete in athletic events.
What are the benefits of becoming a Sustaining Member? Aside from the good feeling you'll have knowing you're helping to support amateur athletics, as a Sustaining member you'll also receive a Sustaining Membership card, a Sustaining Member lapel pin, a copy of the USATF directory, a copy of current USATF Competition Rules for Athletics, and a subscription to Fast Forward.
How do you form a club or organization? Organization membership is open to track clubs, running clubs, civic and fraternal organizations, and event committees, among others.  Organization Memberships are on a yearly basis, and expire on December 31 of the application year.  The annual fee for an organization's membership is $75.00 (at the start of the calendar year).
What are the benefits of Organization Membership? As an organization with membership in USATF you receive:
  • eligibility to compete as a team in USATF events 
  • an Organization Membership Certificate 
  • a copy of the current USATF Directory 
  • a copy of current USATF Competition Rules for Athletics 
  • a subscription to Fast Forward 
  • sanctioning privileges
What is sanctioning? A USATF Sanction is a certificate issued by USATF which approves and, in effect, licenses the holding of an athletics competition in the United States.  It is issued only to events which meet the criteria of the applicable statues and rules of USATF as outlined on the Sanction application.
How do I get an event sanctioned by USATF? Complete information on how to obtain a sanction along with forms is available on the national USATF site. Click here for that page.
What benefits would USATF sanctioning give my event? A comprehensive listing of benefits is located on the national USATF site. Click here for that page.
What does sanctioning cost? Complete costs for sanctioning are explained on the national USATF site. Click here for the that page.