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For more information contact USATF-Maine Officials Certification Chair, Don Berry 115 Searsmont Rd., Belmont, ME 04952 Phone number: 207-342-5675 or by email:

Officials Certification/Recertification Letter

USATF-Maine Officials' Materials Order Form

Certified Officials Recertification Form

New Official Application Form

2017 Paralympic Track & Field Officials Training - Powerpoint

Rules Reviews (2017-2020 Olympiad)
Track & Field Apprentice Level Rules Review      .pdf
Track & Field Association Level Rules Review      .pdf
Track & Field National Level Rules Review  .doc  .docx  .pdf
Track & Field Masters Level Rules Review  .doc  .docx  .pdf
Race Walk Apprentice Level Rules Review  .doc  .docx  .pdf
Race Walk Association Level Rules Review  .doc  .docx  .pdf
Race Walk National Level Rules Review  .doc  .docx  .pdf
Race Walk Masters Level Rules Review  .doc  .docx  .pdf
Implement Inspector Rules Review (National/Masters Level)  .doc  .docx  .pdf
Combined Events Referee & Coordinator Review  .doc  .docx  .pdf

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